Diasonic Audio Recorder
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The Diasonic Voice Recorder, featuring 2GB internal memory and 16 GB external memory, has the storage capacity to perform superbly in both detective work settings as well as in sensitive business situations. The recorder can be used with a line phone, cell phone, or body worn for covert operations. Recording quality is similar to that of a CD. It comes with an internal microphone that can be set to high or low sensitivity. For added convenience the recorder has a time and date stamp and a recording timer that can be preset to record a specific date, daily or weekly. Playback modes are all, shuffle or repeat.


• 2GB internal memory (expandable to 16 GB SD card)

• Can be used with a line phone, cell phone, or body worn

• CD quality audio

• Date and time stamp

• Ability to preset to record a specific date and time


  • 2GB Internal Memory
  • 16GB External Memory
  • Recording Modes SHQ/HQ/SP
  • Recording indicator with red LED
  • Playback speed control (slow, normal, fast)
  • Variable play modes (repeat, continue, scan, search, alarm play)
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Batteries last up to 20 hours in record and playback.


  • Digital recorder
  • Telephone recording connector
  • Lapel microphone
  • Stereo earphones
  • USB connector cable
  • Operational manual
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • A/C adaptor

Diasonic Voice Recorder

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