6 outlet electrical Electric Outlet DVR Hidden Camera
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Electrical Outlet Hidden Spy Cam

Plugs in for power and can record up to 144 hours on a 32GB SD Card

Color Camera With Built-In DVR

FREE 16GB SD-CARD Included

This camera uses a DVR that features: motion activated and scheduled recording, motion detection area masking, time and date stamp, high, medium and low recording options, remote control operation, MPEG4 file format and composite video out. To control the features simply plug the camera into your TV, point and click.You can either hook the camera up to a TV or computer monitor with the included RCA cable or remove the SD card and insert into the SD card reader on your computer or an external SD card reader you can order with your hidden camera. 

Note: Does not function as an electrical outlet.

DVR Record Time                   Recording Quality

Resolution    Frame Rate       High   Med     Low

    640x480       12 FPS             8hrs    48hrs   72hrs

     320x240       30 FPS            16hrs   96hrs   144hrs

Video can be viewed on any computer with a SD Card Reader.

Electrical Outlet in Digital Nanny Cam Hidden Camera

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