Working alarm clock with covert NannyCam that can record up to 64 hours on a memory card and can be watched over the internet5
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NEW!  Bush Baby Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Cam with DVR in WiFi

FREE 16GB Memory Card (Records up to 8 Hours of Motion)

No Router Needed for Set Up!

Cheating Spouse and running out of plug room? No need to worry, this all in one unit is what you need! With this Bus Baby camera, you can stream in 1080P resolution or record to external memory or via phone all through your smartphone app. Use the 2 functional USB ports to plug and charge any devices, increasing plug space for other surrounding items. 

NO Visible Camera Hole - The camera to this unit is hidden behind the screen making the camera invisible. No need to worry about the camera hole being obvious on this device. 

Alert Settings - Set Alerts through your app to alert you via email or through the app when the unit has detected Motion. 

Fully-Functional Device - All aspects of this device are functional; USB ports, clock, and alarm settings with the big ADVANTAGE of an HD streaming camera included.

This unit also includes a class 10 16GB Micro SD Card - ensuring that everything you need is right in one box!


  • View and Record Live streaming on Android, iOS, or locally via PC (stream only).
  • Record onto Micro SD Card (30 minutes per 1GB)
  • Motion Detection
  • Alerts via email or phone app
  • Able to operate in low light (1 lux or greater)

Technical Specs

  • Video Resolution: 1080P, 720P, 480P
  • Recording Modes: Continuous video and motion detection
  • Viewing Angle: 90°
  • Storage: External MicroSD Card up to 128GB* (Class 10)
  • Power Supply: 350MA/3.7V
  • Time/Date stamp


  • BBWiFiBluetoothClock
  • MicroSD to SD Card Adapter
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Mini CD
  • FREE 16GB Micro SD Card
  • FREE Ground Shipping
  • FREE Product Support

Compatible With

  • Windows XP and up
  • Mac OS 10 and up
  • Android 4.0 and up
  • Apple iOS 7 and up
  • Linux

 *Please note:

  • Anytime a MicroSD card is inserted, it will be formatted for use. Please save any data from the card before inserting into the device.
  • PC viewing is only available on the local network 
  • It is recommended that you use the device on A/C power

Please Note:

  • Phone not included
  • For best performance, we recommend Class 6 or better MicroSD Cards
  • BBWiFi items will need to format the MicroSD Card before use. This is done automatically by the app.
  • BBWiFi items save to MicroSD Cards in .asf format and do not support skipping ahead in the video.
  • This device will only connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Networks
  • We are unable to guarantee Wi-Fi connection will work with all routers. Although most networks are compatible, certain routers enact stricter security measures that may block remote connections to the camera. Some examples likely to experience these issues are hotels/motels, corporate networks, 4g hotspots, open wifi networks like Starbucks, etc.
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  • Complete System:
  • HD:
  • Hidden:
  • Home:
  • Nanny Cam:
  • Night Vision:
  • Records on Memory Card:
  • Safety:
  • Security:
  • Watch on Smart Phone :
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Affordable:
  • Remote Viewing:
  • Digital:
  • Battery Operated:

NEW! Bush Baby Alarm Clock Hidden Spy Cam with DVR in WiFi

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