The only wandering prevention and emergency alert solution with fixed or portable safe zones in and outdoors.
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 Freedom Watch for Wandering


The good news is that we are all living longer. However, old age brings with it the challenges of dementia, and increasing care demands from failing health. The solution need not be institutional or hospital care; The Freedom device presents families with choices to keep the family together at home if healthcare or dementia becomes an issue.

Modern society has changed over a generation with more single parent families, both parents working and a more mobile family unit. Parental peace of mind is often challenged with balancing the needs of a child to explore and grow up with keeping them safe. This is even more challenging if your child has special needs. This can help you manage these challenges with its technology.

The Freedom is one of the world’s first and smallest wandering prevention and emergency alert devices. Aimed at independent elderly people and vulnerable adults, Freedom allows for independent living whilst leaving you free of concern when it comes to the safety of your loved ones or employees.

The multi use Freedom solution allows for multiple watches to communicate with multiple base stations. This unique facility allows us to protect an entire care home, ALF, or hospital to keep all residents safe. No longer will you need to rely upon door locks alone Freedom is a discreet wandering alert system.

Our child-safety product Freedom uses state-of-the-art positioning technologies to help you locate them when out and about. The unique nature of this product gives your child the freedom to play, and you the knowledge they’re never far away.

These GPS locators have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, making them accessible from home, the office or abroad – as long as you have access to a computer or mobile phone.

As the leading global innovator in the personal safety market, LOK8U makes use of pioneering technologies. Both products use a patented cell ID algorithm that gives an approximate location for indoors, which is refined to within three meters with GPS for outdoors.



There are 37.5 million people in the world diagnosed with dementia, 15.4 million of whom reside in USA. It is expected that as the world’s population ages, and in particular the baby boomers achieve retirement, that these numbers will increase by at least 30% per annum. All people with dementia will wander in their lifetime. Wandering has been identified as the single most stressful event that leads to family members making the difficult decision to seek help in the form of institutional care. The loss of familiar surroundings and possessions has been identified as one of the most stressful events in the life of a dementia adult. If Freedom can stop just one wandering event it will have paid for itself several times over in both emotional and financial terms.

Care home, ALF and Hospital (Multi Use)

Wanderers will escape, Staff may not notice, Emergency services will become involved in the search. Consequently, dementia adults, and special needs children are typically secured behind locked doors and window bars, Freedom multi use protects all residents within a whole facility and grounds with a network of base stations. A wandering event is immediately identified and their location sent to the designated carer. So within a matter of minutes they can be safely recovered without the involvement of emergency services.

Long term health issues in elderly Relatives

Long term illness need not require long term hospital care. With the support of tele-health solutions and homecare it can be safe to be cared for in the comfort of your own home. However, RF based solutions can only protect you within range of the home base station. Freedom is different, it has a panic button, it is a mobile GSM & GPS device worn on the wrist; help is only a button press away wherever you are 24-7.

Special needs

1-100 new born children will feature on the autism spectrum. Children with special needs tend to wander and may be non verbal. Keeping children safe at home, school or play can be hard work especially if they “run”. Freedom is a discreet wandering detection solution; we take the worry out of watching your children 24-7 by alerting and locating them if they leave your safe area.

Mobile workers

Today’s workforce is mobile; as an employer you are required to keep employees safe, this includes knowing where they are in an emergency.

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