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Picture Frame Nanny Cams

Picture frame nanny cams can be hung from a wall or placed on surface so they make great nannycams for many applications. Our in-house technicians are experts in turning almost any style of picture frame into a nanny cam. Choose any of the pre-made models below, or Click Here to get a Custom Nanny Cam Estimate
  • Original NannyCam WiFi PIR Picture Frame Nanny Cam with Wide Angle and Night Vision

    WiFi PIR Picture Frame Nanny Cam with Wide Angle and Night Vision

    WiFi-PIR Picture Frame model with up to 100 DAYS of battery standby time: NannyCam brand high-quality nanny cams disguised to resemble normal picture frame. Picture Frame style nanny cams work well in almost any situation because it is normal to...
  • SALE
    Original NannyCam WiFi Picture Frame Nanny Cam with Wide Angle (V3)

    WiFi Picture Frame Nanny Cam with Wide Angle (V3)

    Picture Frame WiFi Wireless Nanny Cams (Nanny Cams) with Live Viewing and Recording on iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones/Tablets, and Computers NEW! 2 Picture Frame Models: Choose either the Standard WiFi model OR ...
    $99.95 - $199.95
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    Original NannyCam DVR Picture Frame Nanny Cam (V1)

    DVR Picture Frame Nanny Cam (V1)

    This picture frame has a built-in nanny cam located in the border of the frame. It also has a built-in DVR digital video recorder with rechargeable battery inside the frame. USE ANY PHOTO PICTURE OR ARTWORK This inner part of the frame works like a...
    Regular Price: $99.95
    Sale: $79.95
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    Original NannyCam Custom Nanny Cam Estimate Image

    Custom Nanny Cam Estimate

    We are the original and our technicians are experts at turning almost any item into a nanny cam! If you have an item that you would like us to turn into a custom nanny cam, then order this estimate as the first step in the process...
    Regular Price: $99.95
    Sale: $49.95