[Exhibit A:] We only sell "legal-video-only" nannycams because if they have audio they are illegal to "advertise", "sell", "distribute", or "possess" based on Federal law 18 U.S.C. § 2512 (and many identical State laws).

[Exhibit B:] Almost everyone shopping for nanny cams wants audio (regardess of if they know they are illegal or not).

[Exhibit C:] Since 2008 (or sooner) Amazon's "marketplace" has been loaded with spy cameras, hidden cameras, and nanny cams that have illegal audio features.

A+B+C (+ many others) = We simply can't compete! Therefore after 25 years NannyCam.com is officially going out of the nanny cam business:

Power Supplies

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    5VDC 2 Amp Power Supply Adapter

    5VDC 2 Amp Power Supply Adapter

    A DC power supply for use with our NannyCam Custom nanny cams. What's Special About It? This power supply can use either 110 or 220 volt AC power to provide 2 amps of 5 volt DC power When Would This Item Be Used? Use this item with many of our nanny...
    Regular Price: $14.95
    Sale: $9.95